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Sandy Lyne


The Guest of Our Lovely Daughter

the family takes me in
on the recommendation of their daughter
the rights privileges and possessions of the family
are accorded me
the family takes me in
no more hunger cold heaviness
how could they know how destitute i am
on the recommendation of their lovely daughter
they give me hot food my own towel a bed with deep quilts
they ask if i want anything put in the wash
they give me the key to the bookcase
they show me the place where the liquor is kept
they show me the intricacies of the hi-fi
on the recommendation of their delicious daughter
they go to work
they give me a key so i may let myself in and out
they leave me with their daughter sweet as lobster steaks
how could anyone know how destitute i am
they give me their daughter so i may let myself in and out
she says i am mistaken
she goes into her bedroom and closes the door
i hear her stockings rubbing against each other
as if this were a movie
i hear the music on her small hi-fi
i feel cold
how could i know how destitute i am
i drink the liquor they have accorded me
i go into the room of their lovely daughter on my own recommendation
i go in up along her stockings
with my hand over her mouth
she stops struggling
she stops breathing her heart stops
i lock her in the bookcase
her mother and father return from work
i poison their drinks i smile at them
their hearts stop
i put them in their bed
i lock that room
how could anyone know how destitute they were
i have taken the family in


© The Estate of Sandford Lyne



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