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Georg Trakl


In the Homeland

Mignonette-scent strays through the sick window;
An old plaza, chestnut trees black and wasted.
A golden ray breaks through the roof and flows
Over the siblings dreamlike and dazed.

Decay drifts in the dishwater, the foehn
Softly coos through the small brown garden; very still
The sunflower savors its gold and melts away.
Through blue air the call of the guard rattles.

Mignonette-scent. The walls grow bleak at dusk.
The sister's sleep is difficult. The night wind rummages
Through her hair washed in moony brilliance.

Blue and slender, the cat's shadow glides
From the moldered roof which borders near mischief--
The candle flame that rears up purple.


© Jim Doss & Werner Schmitt



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