Fall 2009

Table of Contents - Vol. V, No. 3


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Christine Hamm


Shattered Fetlock

My uncle tells me not to
touch the tiny blue eggs
nested in the oleander bush

outside his front door.
His doorbell sounds
like a fading ice-cream

truck. Robins congregate
on his lawn, singing a Beatle's
album in reverse. On the front

steps I wear heavy gloves
meant for a much larger
man, but everything is breaking,
opening its yellow eyes.


This Road Goes South

Construction in the woods
again keeps me up all night.

Someone has left a baby there,
and men are trying to find it;

pitchforks, shovels, specially
trained terriers with squeals

that sound like angels crying.
The lights themselves have

a noise, a rough engine hum.
Remember when I fell into the well

when I was four? I still have the scar
on my forehead. I think of that opening

dark every time your tail lights dim,
further and further into the trees.


© Christine Hamm



Poetry    Reviews    Fiction   

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