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                                                                                                Morgan LaFay



Soldier's Death Alone

Tired, lost, injured beyond repair,
the last thing his teared eyes saw,
closing in silent death, was a sunny
day, a blue and white patchwork sky.

So easy to give in and rest forever,
life's energy depleted, slipping away.
Laying in the quilted green pasture,
reminded him of home...soft green sod.

One thought kept him coherent as he spoke...
"God, I've left no visible mark I was on this earth.
My only fear of dying has been "please don't forget me;
please don't forget me."

A soothing, calm contentment replaced the
pain earlier pulsing through his broken body,
echoing "you will be remembered, you will."
Peacefully comforted, he smiled his last memory.



                                                                                                © Morgan LaFay

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Loch Raven Review Winter 2005 — Vol. I, No. 2
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