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Loch Raven Review Winter 2005 — Vol. I, No. 2

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Gary Blankenship
READ   When February Is as Warm as April.  When the Owls are Silenced.  Winter.  Stanzas Inspired by a Letter From a Friend.

Emily Brink
READ   Dia de Los Muertos.  Milkmaid.

Graham Burchell
READ   East Dunnsea.  West Dunnsea.  Big Arch Bait and Tackle.  Street Dance.

Jeffrey Calhoun
READ   The bus driver had been drinking.  Death wishes reinterpreted as death sentences.  Planning, or lack thereof, for a searing.  On Survival and Desire.  Alba Butterfly.

Erich Fried, translated from the German by Jim Doss
READ   The Survivor.   A Jew to Zionist Fighters-- 1988.  Conflicts Between Sole Heirs.  Ask.

Michaela A. Gabriel
READ   The Memory of Keys.  tuesday rules of conduct.  when visiting family you can't stand.  Frau Rausch.

Essem Hamel
READ   Death of a Climber.  Lincoln Visits the Wounded.

Thomas Jardine
READ   Henninger's.

Bruce Jewett
READ   The Torture Question.

Lois P. Jones
READ   Night Hawks.  Seeds.  Creation.

Deborah P Kolodji
READ   Pirelli's Miracle Elixir.  Time to Rebuild.  After the Cows Come Home.   Revision.

Morgan Lafay
READ   Soldier's Death Alone.

Charles Levenstein
READ   I Can't Write Erotic Poems,  Drunk.  Next.

Rickey McGhee
READ   ... to watch the weeds fold.  like catching butterflies.  soup days.

Sabyaschi Nag
READ   Cremating the Letters.  After a Visit to Niagara Falls.  Top of Page

Nessa O'Mahony
READ   Aisling.  Anglesey Walk.  Family History. 

Max Prum
READ   The Trial of Rodan.  Beer O'clock.  Springtime for Mothra. 

Lori Romero
READ   Transit of Venus.  february stories from the blinking sky.

Wendy Saw
READ   yesterday was beautiful.  In memento mori.  lone thoughts, not quite a poem.  sadako and the thousand paper cranes.  on learning to observe.  dim sum in the city.

Don Schaeffer
READ   Smells.  Rest Stop.

S. Thomas Summers
READ   Surgeon and Saw.  Orders.  Then He Dies.

John Sweet
READ   wreckage: a later interpretation.  turning away from the bleeding horse.  tuesday evening, route 26 south, the weight of dustmax ernst, all is forgiven.  empire.

Jennifer VanBuren
READ   beside the red barn door.  Eel skin bound.  Metaphors are nothing like Venice.  gulf stream.

Joyce Wakefield
READ   Infinite Switch.  Soup.

Peter Waring
READ   Enter The Cat.  Sleeping in Church.

Teresa White
READ   Fat Girls Have Pretty Hands.  Looking Up.  Dream of a Disappearing House.

Alan Wickes
READ   Concerning Mother.  Prospero at Breakfast.  First Post.

READ   Dancing to the Past.  In a Moment.  Fresh Snow.

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Craig Murray
READ   Gargoyle

Adelaide B. Shaw
READ   Have a Nice Day.Top of Page


Geoffrey R. Andrews
READ   Photographing the Scrapyard.

Christopher T. George
READ   A History of Loch Raven

Morgan LaFay
READ  Baby Blue

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Gary Blankenship
Review of Seven Beats a Second, Poems by Alan Itz and Art by Vincent Martinez

Jim Doss
READ   Review of Concerning the Book That Is the Body of the Beloved by Gregory Orr

Christopher T. George
Review of Flowers of Life: A Selection of Cinquains, by William Soutar, edited by Brian Strand.

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