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                                                                                                Michael L. Evans


Going Home

My heart
beats this rhythm
of train wheels through the night;
are you still there in the darkness—


Descended From Buccaneers

If in
another time,
I would steal away those
eyes of sea-foam green ... and sail far


One Last Magic Moment

That day,
when whale songs cease
and wolves howl silently,
I will come for you on a white
winged horse.


We All Know How To Swim

One night,
when the final ebb tide calls me
beneath that last blue moon,
I will swim with
through the
ancient kelp beds ...
where a mermaid gave birth
to the first sea-child to crawl on
dry land.


                                                                                                © Michael L. Evans

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Loch Raven Review Fall 2005 — Vol. I, No. 1
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