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                                                                                                Jim Benz


A Fun Night Out With Crazy Ed

This mood
would be
laughing gas if
it werenít
cyanide gas if
it werenít
a helicopter blade
against my neck
in slow
motion but
time doesnít slow
down here
in your presence
it stops
your voice doesnít stop
itís too fake
too loud
it just keeps
on talking
too too
much and Iím
screaming behind
this smile
screaming Iím
screaming behind this
screaming brain dead
I shouldnít
have bought you that
last beer
I should have
bought more beer
for me
whereís that
bartender I need whiskey
more beer
and whiskey please
oh god
thereís not enough liquor
in the world
to wash out my ears
oh please shut
up would
you please shut up
oh god
please just shut
this guy up


                                                                                                © Jim Benz

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Loch Raven Review Fall 2005 — Vol. I, No. 1
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